JesstheLVT is a licensed veterinary technician with approximately 11 years of experience. She has worked in small animal general practice and spent 6 years as an anesthesia and surgical technician for a small animal specialty hospital. She currently works as an ICU veterinary technician at North Carolina State University. She has a bachelor’s degree from NCSU in zoology and an associate’s degree from Penn Foster College in veterinary technician studies. She has done internships with a big/exotic cat rescue facility as well as internships at the animal research laboratory and large animal farm at Clemson. Fond memories of past pets include getting bucked off her horse and breaking her tailbone, getting poked by an ornery hedgehog, and sharing her childhood with a miniature Poodle, German Shepherd, and Siberian Husky. She currently supports her two canine children: Aspen, an Australian Shepherd who is deaf, and Monty, a Silky Terrier who just doesn’t listen.  For Aspen, she has high hopes of sending him to law or medical school in the future. For Monty… Well she fears he may forever live on his mother’s couch. She can only do the best she can do.


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