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Wolf Veterinary Physical

Take a look at this blog post by the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, North Carolina highlighting a physical exam on one of their resident red wolves. This particular post is written by Sherry Samuels, the Director of the museum, however several of the animal keepers blog about their experiences with the animals. The museum houses several species including lemurs, bears, wolves, alligators, turtles, and other native North American wildlife. According to the Museum’s website, Dr. Debbie Vanderford overseas the veterinary care of all of the animals at the museum. She also serves as a Compliance Liaison at the Office of Animal Welfare Assurance at Duke University to make sure that the university adheres to the best standards of animal care. The blogs are wonderfully illustrated with behind the scenes photos of Dr. Vanderford and the technicians/animal keepers, and great insights to each species’ unique veterinary care requirements (did you know that lemurs get Frontline every month, just like our dogs would?? I didn’t!). Definitely a blog worth perusing!